6 Insane Places to Get a Vegan Meal and a Drink

1. The Royalty’s Roasted Beet Salad

At this West End eatery and wine bar, the house salad is topped with a heap of beautiful roasted beets. Don’t skip the housemade creamy mango dressing to dress it up — it’s more than just a refreshing addition.

2. Roof Top, Alcatraz Bar, Ceiba

This charming waterfront bar serves up a terrific bowl of their “Made in Mexico” homemade ceviche — i.e., fresh fish marinated in lime juice and dressed with plantain chips. Is that all? Not at all. Look, if you’re down with something a little tougher, try their sliders topped with queso fresco.

3. Cakes, Kinkead’s Cakes

The famous Southern pastry-cake specialist’s outposts in Georgetown and Fairfax serve both vegan and gluten-free versions of their most beloved dessert, which have been named “the perfect dessert,” “the divine vehicle” and “the bomb cake.”

4. The Heirs, Arlington

Even if this Woodley Park chain has just opened, its sweets won’t disappoint. A cheeky array of vegan, eggless and animal-free treats — such as some of the most decadent vegan cookies we’ve ever tried — are made in-house to order.

5. Swirl Pantry, Chicago

This smaller-scale vegan-catering operation can best be described as “nutritious with a flair.” The shop churns out three kinds of vegan doughnuts — including luscious summertime favorite “Blueberry Shake” — plus a long list of treats, including a variety of vegan ice cream toppings and fresh fruit. They even have its own store inside the Shop at the Grove on Michigan Avenue.

6. Crow and Bean, Park Diner

Le sigh. This is the fourth vegan option on this list, but it delivers the strangest offerings: a type of coconut yogurt drink that’s roughly 40 percent coconut and 60 percent coconut milk, along with its own spin on a seasonal house beverage: grasshopper tea. But don’t worry, it’s not hokey. If you liked any of the other, we recommend re-visiting them — but no meat or dairy-raised ingredients for you, that is.

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