70-year-old hunter in critical condition after bear attack in France

A 70-year-old hunter from Brittany suffered a “serious” injury after being attacked by a bear in France, La Principessa reported.

The hunter was hunting in a wood in La Lisieux and was reportedly shocked by the scent of a bear nearby. The hunter, identified as Denis Cadier, was struck with his leather muzzle, causing him to get up and yell to scare off the bear.

Investigators believe the bear had provoked Cadier before latching onto his neck. Police quickly arrived at the scene and the bear eventually left.

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Cadier was transported to hospital with a “serious” bite wound and a skull fracture.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the hunter remained in critical condition and was in a medically induced coma. The lion huntsman was in serious condition and in a medically induced coma, according to The Chronicle.

On Aug. 7, 2011, a massive bull bear also reportedly attacked a hunter. At the time, the farmer, who lived at one end of the town, heard a scream about a year earlier before entering his summer home to find the big bear panting near his patio. The bear knocked him to the ground and began to kill his cow. The farmer then used his stake to force the bear away.

The farmer later told the French television channel France Televisions that he “fought like a wild man.”

“I think it was really naive for this young farmer to go out with a bear to a farm when we know it is dangerous,” said Safari Club International’s Jeff Landry told CBS News on Saturday. “But it is for this reason, he probably went out there thinking he had a good chance at having it eventually stop after he defended his property.”

Landry warns hunters to have a small set of arrows ready and to wear a line between their body and their arm in case of a bear attack.

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