Beijing of Chess video spreads in Chinese propaganda push

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A video showing a horse riding around a battleground has become a viral hit in China, with its message urging people to stand together in the face of conflict.

As the “Beijing of Chess” battles its rivals across the historic capital, children sing patriotic songs, while Chinese and foreign songs play on giant screens.

The video was quickly praised for showing “beauty and unity” in what one social media commentator called “a grim world”.

There has been no official comment on the origins of the video.

Image copyright @WESTA_MEN 2 Image caption The video has flooded Chinese social media sites

The mass production is the work of WESTA, a joint studio between China’s state media and some creative students.

It came out of a study using a horse war simulator to depict the city, and an accompanying video is continuing to appear in Chinese social media.

The ‘must see’ video

Image copyright @WESTA_MEN/Abaca Image caption Children sing songs on giant screens as soldiers dance around the battlefield

Social media users welcomed it on the Beijing of Chess theme park’s website.

“Beijing… it’s a city full of beauty, and light,” one user said.

“It would be a tragic tragedy if one day we allowed differences and difficulties to separate us,” said another.

Users also praised a nugget of common sense within it.

“If you need to take a walk, you won’t get lost in the middle of the battlefield,” said one.

What about those quiet moments of quietness?

Image copyright @WESTA_MEN 2 Image caption The video is aimed at bolstering unity and patriotism

When those sentiments were not enough, someone else went a step further and coined the title “Beijing of Chess”.

The title has since become a sort of rallying cry for viewers, while one social media user made a “Beijing of Chess” logo of white cranes that showed that “Beijing can always find the right balance”.

“Beijing is a city made from the ideas of a new model of political development,” said one user.

The national motto – “Strength through the unity of the people, equality of man and the motherland” – is also highlighted.

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