Business Coach Frank Bentoz: Six Ways to Make Your Networking Work to Your Benefit (Including the First Lesson)

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Let’s face it, social media is leading to broken connections and insatiable addiction to dopamine punch and social news feeds. Everyone seems to have been sucked in by the dopamine drift. The good news is it’s within your power to steer your relationships back towards truth, truth and more truth.

Life Equals Time, a company dedicated to building relationships for brands and their employees, is sharing six lessons learned from successful companies and from successful people that you can use to create online community and loyalty. These lessons include:

Attention is an amazing weapon… In spite of what you and your children may believe, attention is a thing. Define your goals and be sure to engage people. If you are interested in yourself or others, say so and engage. Hiding out from the world is toxic. Get online and get involved. Never underestimate the power of your own voice. Use your voice to cultivate your community and connect with them. A 21st century desire to connect with others is a sign of success. Work with the tools at your disposal. When times are uncertain, learn to read body language. Feeling what you read tells you so much about how someone is feeling. I have learned that listening to and learning from my customers goes a long way to understanding how they feel and come to market decisions. Trust your instincts and go with them. Make mistakes and learn from them. What is wrong is not the issue. Surround yourself with people that want the same things as you, and dream the same dreams. People gravitate towards the color red. Why? This color may have a meaning. People look for warmth in people and supporters. Encourage people who are struggling. During hard times, encourage people to speak out. Create a “safe space” of your own for people. Technology is your friend. Technology is not a sad sack friend. Technology can be a great sounding board for people. This is probably one of the best marketing tools you have. What skills do you need to create an online community? Develop strategies and leave them to the professionals. Your keyword is: Your community is the one!

Visit their website at and check out how the professionals there have all lived the words they speak and have built trusted and meaningful communities.

By Frank Bentoz for a podcast episode of The Real Deal

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