Circus meets clown: New exhibition center combines circus, clowns

Written by Sadegh Ghazvinizadeh, CNN

Clowns may seem a bit of a “oddball” theme, but all that’s about to change in New York City.

World-renowned Club for Aerialists (aka Air) and Clowns will move into their new home in Lower Manhattan’s Financial District on Monday. The 15,000-square-foot venue will feature 90 overhead supports, a 5-story-high ring, 35 freestanding “clowns” and a cannon, according to the club’s official website.

Club for Aerialists (aka Air) will move into their new Lower Manhattan location on Monday. Credit: Courtesy Club for Aerialists (aka Air)

The club officially opens for its first season in October, with an opening ceremony and complimentary public tours.

“When we originally put the space together, we also had three major things we were hoping to achieve,” organizer Jackie Tran said in a statement. “One, draw people out of their comfort zone to try something new; two, use movement and movement only, making it fresh and different; and three, bring people together in this amazing environment.”

Club for Aerialists will offer a variety of programs. Credit: Courtesy Club for Aerialists (aka Air)

According to Tran, the club was founded “to infuse Circus-y magic into a major platform that we hope will help bring a new level of acrobatic experience to the city.”

“Mornings, Fridays and Saturdays will feature a series of top-notch student performances that showcase the finest acrobats that have ever graced the bar at the original club for aerialists,” said Tran. “This program will be their first time outside of school.”

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