CNN heroes: What they have achieved – the deadline is soon

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Last year, Tuvalu’s social worker Viviana Dorini was awarded CNN’s annual Amnesty International Global Hero award

The deadline for your nominations to CNN’s “A Century of Heroes” top 10 award is fast approaching.

Do you have the next Nelson Mandela, a doctor helping to tackle ebola or an anti-slavery campaigner who has brought down slavery in Australia?

We want to know who the CNN Heroes are and what they’ve achieved.

It is the UK version of the CNN Heroes project – originally launched by US TV channel CNN in 2001 – which awards financial awards to people whose humanitarian projects change the world.

We are calling all nominees to nominate their dream and lifetime heroes, people who changed their own lives forever.

CNN Heroes UK winner Ade Agbesanjili: you’ll like the guy who worked with HIV patients on Isle of Man to address stigma

Correspondent James Crane

Each year, CNN awards a top 10 that is published in its programmes around the world.

The categories this year include: Leadership, Community Service, Science and Technology, Sports and Arts.

For those who want to nominate a person for the top 10, you must reach them first by 10 December 2020.

The nominees will be declared CNN Heroes 2018 on 11 January.

This year’s CNN Heroes will each be given a $100,000 (£74,000) prize – the largest award amount awarded so far.

Each winner must also draw from an all-expenses-paid trip to New York to be honoured at the CNN Heroes awards ceremony, which will be broadcast on CNN UK and CNN en Español in 2019.

This year’s programme will also recognise some people who have made extraordinary efforts to highlight the global humanitarian crisis, or work to fight inequality or injustice in some form.

There will be a number of shortlist nominees drawn up from the nominees.

To nominate a person, fill out the form in the chart at the bottom of this page. The system allows you to link your nomination to photos and videos and therefore will make it easier to show you particular reasons why the nominee was chosen.

If you need help on your nomination, please contact us here.

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