Elon Musk pledges $6 billion to U.N. as one of Silicon Valley’s most generous philanthropists

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There have been lots of high-profile philanthropists recently, and on Thursday, one popped up from the inventor and tech entrepreneur who has another high-profile space company and does more than his fair share of giving to climate change initiatives and space exploration.

Elon Musk promised $6 billion for the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization to roll out a “historic initiative to end global hunger.”

He posted his idea of how the U.N. could use the cash online, along with a few photos of his latest home — a carbon-neutral one with the solar panels he installed on the roof.

In 2014, Musk joined forces with dozens of fellow tech entrepreneurs and investors to support Musk Renovative Medicine, which is led by the father of YouTube star PewDiePie, Felix Kjellberg.

Musk said in his blog post that the $6 billion “will focus on two major initiatives: a new $1 billion fund for (the) first project and a global call to action on food in the 10-year wake.”

Musk didn’t specify which work the funding would support, but the blog post suggests that that if enough of the funding “dips its hands” into developing technologies, he can be the top donor.

“We also understand the impact will be much more meaningful in the context of the second project and will meet the new funding goal to the tune of $1 billion or more,” he wrote.

The money would probably go toward what’s known as the Feed the Future initiative, which was established by President Obama in 2009.

If you’re having trouble remembering all the various food-related pledges that one or more tech leaders have pledged or committed to do in the past few years, it’s all been part of what some have called a Silicon Valley “give back” campaign.

Here’s a rundown of just a few of the “give backs” from technology moguls in recent years:

— Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, donated $500 million to the San Francisco General Hospital in 2015. That money was expected to help open two new facilities to help prevent children from being born with birth defects, and to expand maternal and child care in the city.

— Last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also pledged to donate $500 million to open an international cancer research center in California.

— In October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, donated $45 million to the Oakland, California, children’s hospital, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. This week, the tech leaders unveiled their much more expansive plan to create what’s believed to be the largest comprehensive health-care system in the world. Zuckerberg and Chan announced this week that they will donate $3 billion for the project.

— In 2014, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledged $1 billion to create a Center for Urban Agriculture in Washington, D.C. to help provide food security and job opportunities for low-income communities.

— On Monday, venture capitalist John Doerr launched a new venture philanthropy fund with his wife, Laura, that will invest in fund companies that work to strengthen education, health and housing.

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