From action star to Marine and mother

Written by Pamela Koren & Will Weaver

“Hunter, shoot your brother when he’s asleep.”

This was the chilling warning Gina Carano received when it was time to leave her boyfriend. Gina, 24, was on vacation in Hawaii while also waiting tables at her local favorite, Sushi-Ko. One day in June 2011 she received an email from her ex-boyfriend’s brother — and his text message was what pushed Gina to find the courage to leave. Hunter Biden’s father had just shot his son, Beau, who at the time was a US Marine who had just been deployed to Afghanistan. Hunter Biden’s injury was the result of a gunshot to the head. The weapon was originally a Colt AR-15.

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Weeping in her arms, Gina broke the news to the staff at the seafood restaurant. All hell broke loose. She said she would tell them all to leave.

Before she knew it, Hunter Biden was sitting at a table beside her.

“All the servers, they were like ‘Hey Hunter, hey Hunter!'” Gina recalled. “They went back to work, they ignored me.”

“You would think that everyone would take time to say goodbye to you,” Gina said. “It’s such a heartbreak.”

Told to prepare for a “chaotic press event,” Gina went and changed into the appropriate attire — a black dress, paired with a pair of her favorite Christian Louboutin heels. She played it cool as she made her way down a slightly incline alleyway toward the restaurant. In the distance, a NYPD sergeant handed her a detective shield and an NYPD ID as she walked toward the restaurant.

“No one was super-suspicious of what was going on or anything,” she said.

It was Gina’s first time having to film in the military. In fact, it would be her second time on the set of any movie. The first was for the Marine Corps’ film, “Valor,” which starred Matthew McConaughey.

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