From the Washington Post to NBC: How major media has changed their Bill Clinton stories

A list of seven mainstream media organizations that corrected presidential candidate Bill Clinton’s false statement about his sexual history brought some wry laughs from “Saturday Night Live”’s Weekend Update on Monday.

“The Washington Post, New York Times, Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, ABC News and NBC News have all revised the story that Clinton sent a message to staffers explaining that he was just being defensive and that he didn’t actually have an affair,” Cecily Strong said.

“However, they only updated their stories if you decide to look back in time,” she said. “Their changes last just six words each.”

They had already corrected another story from a month ago, after a video was released by the Clinton campaign showing him making a false claim about his personal life that has since been shown to be false.

The newly released clip shows Clinton backing away from a group of reporters and saying that “many people” believe that he “did engage in sexual relations with that woman” when asked about an anonymous allegation against him by reporters in a car.

Clinton stated that he denied the allegation after the cameras stopped rolling.

“His answer got cut from the video,” Strong said, reminding viewers that it was still there.

She continued: “Many television shows have chosen not to change their promos.”

“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” has decided not to use the controversial clip, but Strong said, “Saturday Night Live continues to have no problem making changes to promos.”

Of course, those promos caused a stir as well. The spoof show has chosen not to use footage from those promos as well, and Strong said that the many groups that have changed their news stories are getting credit.

But why should we care that they had to change their articles?

“It’s kind of a shame, but so few journalists actually go on public forums and talk to a group of people before they make news. So often they just do a quick judgment and report it,” Strong said.

“SNL” tackled a host of news topics in its opening Saturday, including the Rittenhouse trial, the “bombshell” that Liz Cheney and her father, Dick Cheney, will soon be teaming up and that Anthony Scaramucci might run for president.

Beyond that, Mike Pence’s girlfriend, Alyssa Mastromonaco, stopped by Weekend Update to poke fun at some of her accomplishments.

She revealed that her job was actually really “fun,” because she got to “eavesdrop” on the vice president and spend a lot of time with him.

But will there really be a running mate with this woman?

“I think you’re dealing with a brokem—” she said, mispronouncing Scaramucci’s name.

Update: Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign has issued a statement (as usual) for his appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” Check out the video below.

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