Germany mulls closing schools after deadly Christmas market shooting

Written by By Jessica Dye, CNN

The federal health minister of Germany has refused to rule out a new lockdown of schools in the wake of the deadly shooting at a Strasbourg Christmas market.

More than 20 people were killed Wednesday by a man armed with an automatic weapon who shouted anti-Semitic and pro-Palestinian slogans.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged to permanently close the market but local lawmakers have not yet reached a decision.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported Friday that Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann also hasn’t ruled out bringing back martial law in the state after the incident.

Herrmann issued a statement saying that “so far there are no signs” to urge the reimposition of this rule.

However, the Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn said in an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper published Friday that Merkel should reconsider her decision to close the market, saying it “could be used as an excuse to take preventive action.”

“That’s why we must now take concrete action on measures to reduce the danger,” he told the newspaper.

The student newspaper ZDF report that four Strasbourg schools remain locked down, with police telling parents via the school’s social media accounts that the buildings are secure.

This is a developing story and CNN has contacted both the Federal Health Ministry and the Interior Ministry for comment.

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