Injured after protest in Sudan attacked by security forces, medics say

An anti-coup protest in the capital of Sudan has been met with a deadly assault by government forces, medics say.

The protesters were blocking traffic on the heavily travelled Abdelaziz el-Sissi Street in the Khartoum East area of the city on Sunday afternoon when security forces opened fire.

The protesters were also attacked with tear gas and stones.

Victims have been taken to hospital.

One protester was killed, with hospital reports citing six other deaths.

“We asked the security to respond to our demands but they insisted on firing. This is against any excuse. This street is really busy and we can’t put protesters in this condition,” Ahmad Hussein, one of the protesters, told Reuters news agency.

Ten other people were seriously injured, local media said.

Radio Miraya blamed President Omar al-Bashir’s party for ordering the shooting.

Last week, a Sudanese court convicted three senior leaders of Sudan’s Muslim Brotherhood movement of treason.

Mr Bashir says his government is the target of a U.S.-led conspiracy designed to destabilise the country.

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