Kyle Rittenhouse – 2018 – Young Athlete

National Finalist for the Bicycling Magazine 911-Kid Competition; and previously a National Finalist in the Bicycling Magazine Marathon Bike Challenge

Milwaukee, WI – Kyle Rittenhouse is a John C. Nichols Award for Outstanding Young Athlete finalist, the highest honor awarded to a junior high or high school athlete by the Wisconsin State Cycling Association. Additionally, he was a National Finalist in the Bicycling Magazine 911-Kid Competition. Rittenhouse was killed in the deadly Kenosha Shootings on the night of December 14th while participating in a safety drill with his youth group. His death quickly made national headlines.

On February 14th, Wisconsin’s Attorney General Brad Schimel announced the reason for the acquittal of two men he accused of murdering Rittenhouse and his eight other teenagers as they awaited transportation for a youth soccer game.

Rittenhouse grew up in Milwaukee’s Northwest side neighborhood and attended Odana Middle School in the Oread neighborhood. He was one of seven children and often represented his family in local community events and fundraisers. He was an avid cyclist and had competed at a national level for local bicycle clubs in the bicycle safety 911-Kid competition. Rittenhouse was recently named to the National Finals of the Bicycling Magazine Marathon Bike Challenge. He was only thirteen years old.

The District Attorney’s office did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Lequan Black, of Milwaukee, or Dejuan Hammond, of Kenosha, committed the crimes that are charged.

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