Lana Wood: I was ‘nagged’ by Sean Connery into meeting up

James Bond actress Lana Wood has revealed why her fling with Sean Connery ended after just a month.

Wood, who was the first African-American to play the part of Miss Moneypenny in a Bond film, revealed her history with the Scottish actor while speaking to Vogue magazine.

The 43-year-old, who is now a judge on British television show “Temptation Island”, claimed their encounter happened after she was given the script for a rehearsal in which she would have to play the role of a woman abused by her husband.

Connery has long been associated with Bond and Wood has revealed he wrote to her and asked if she wanted to be a part of the team.

“He asked if I would like to do one of the Bond films,” she said. “At that time I didn’t think it was possible. I had not even heard of him. I didn’t know who Sean Connery was. My grandmother, because she was from Motherwell, he was from Motherwell. She was a fan of his.”

In 1999 Connery was in Scotland filming the Bond film “The Living Daylights” and called on Wood to come to a photo shoot with him in London.

“I came to London to shoot with him because of his Bond knowledge,” she said. “I went to visit him and have a holiday with him and his family. I just took a small number of pictures with him. He treated me like a princess, and I think he liked it. I think it showed on his face when he said goodbye.”

Wood said she was annoyed when she heard that Connery had been knighted and she was annoyed he had never acknowledged her.

“I was annoyed by his knighting,” she said. “And I think he probably was. I think he enjoyed the accolade of being knighted, but I don’t think he saw it as an acknowledgement of the moment, of having been with Sean Connery. I think the time we had is maybe something he didn’t realize he was leaving behind.”

Wood said that was why the two partied with celebrities, including Sting and Hugh Grant, at Paris Hilton’s party.

“I loved him,” she said. “I was wondering why he didn’t call me. And after I found out he had knighted him, I got his number from Sting. I thought that was sweet, until I realized Sting is a friend of mine.”

Wood continued: “I don’t know if he’d notice my number was in the phone book, because Sting is not a name I know, and you have to enter numbers through two separate phone books to find Sting’s number. And I remember Sting calling and saying, ‘I don’t know who you are, but you must be mad because I don’t know anything about you, but if you want to come over to my place please get my number.'”

Wood was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where her father was a violinist, but she spent some of her childhood in Africa before becoming a medical student in her 20s.

She then became a police officer and a nurse before she met up with her boyfriend’s father and offered to adopt him. Her boyfriend refused and they married.

“I became a police officer and said that I would adopt,” she said. “My husband’s dad said, ‘You will die on that street. I would not let you go back on that street and let you die.’ Then he said, ‘Who do you think you are?’ He was my boss. He said, ‘You can never be a policeman and adopt children.'”

Wood was in the police force for ten years. She said she became a police officer because she was conflicted about what was happening in the world, especially after seeing that she had grown up on her father’s side of the family.

Her husband, Peter Schlesinger, went on to become a writer.

“I can’t count the number of children we’ve adopted,” she said. “I think we adopted half the orphanage here in Saint Petersburg. Every police station has children.”

Wood appeared in 26 films.

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