Leading the Discussion: CPP’s Skepticism and Women’s Leadership

In a session entitled “Leading the Discussion: CPP’s Skepticism and Women’s Leadership”, it was the work and activism of Pembroke PIL through the Women Environmental Network in the UK and other women’s and grassroots groups around the world which were referenced. Women’s and grassroots organizations around the world have worked through policies, programmes and campaigns to stop the destruction of the environment. But they have encountered difficulties and setbacks along the way, whether it be the informal autocratic control of nature or in the main the lack of funds to develop these campaigns. Yet, they are still going.

For many of the activists present, CPP presents a second, more moderate platform which is not trying to exclude that movement. That is perfectly healthy and I think must be promoted. But it is also important to remember that the causes of climate change and the possibility of reaching agreement on ambitious climate policy are still at stake. We need a clear and ambitious strategy to take on the governments and polluters, with a deep caring for the people affected.

On the CPP website, it says: “To learn more about what’s happening, visit the UK body’s new report.” Are there other actions or movement experiences which I should be aware of?

I hope there are, so that climate policy makers are aware of ways in which genuine people power and grassroots power can have a powerful impact. My hope for CPP is that it can help us to move from the debate about strategies in an era of politics as usual and through the transition to the right of where we need to be.

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“How to collaborate to support women-led ecological change projects in developing countries”

Speakers: Fumuma Fushimiya, Lindsey McAteer, Armin Sinclair, Suzanne Kiersey, Natasha Plummer, Koko Guo, Keturah Choi

Artwork: Thomas Lawson, Scottish Map & New Landscape Classroom

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Uri Avnery: Fighting for Women? – http://www.greenpeaceworldreport.org/2017/04/14/women-environment-activists-full-story-plus-history-story

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