Maduro Orders 6 New Fast Food Chains

( — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered Maduro-100 Fast Food Chain store to launch nine new fast food restaurants.

Maduro met with the directors of Madrileños Supermarkets Limited to discuss the work of the fast food chain.

During the meeting, the head of state demanded new names and logos of the group’s restaurants, as well as the opening of a new location in Caracas.

Maduro stressed that the fast food business sector is an important economy for the country, and stressed the need to maintain, train and ensure that a progressive expansion takes place in the sector to ensure a “renewal of our supermarkets, specifically in the fast food sector.”

Maduro ordered that the so-called “profiteers” will be “isolated and investigated.”

The president also ordered the renegotiation of the rent of 20 stores with the “profiteers” that affect the competitiveness of the fast food chains.

The bank of the group will also receive a new capital of $5 million.

Maduro asserted that the “profiteers” account for 1.7 percent of the total capital that does not appear on the group’s balance sheet.

The review will be carried out in two months, and the renegotiation will not affect the owners or the employees.

The same fate would be applied to any damages that result from the renegotiation.


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