Mike Nefsin: Spain’s Ghost City Problem

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In the United States, cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Oakland want to redevelop aging neighborhoods. But in Spain, financial hard times, particularly low wages and a housing shortage, force many people to flee the homes they’ve lived in their entire lives and accept financial alternatives as their new home.

“You know in Spain the problem is what some are calling the ghost city problem, where instead of the government working with people, government works with landlords and then it’s not in their best interest to work with the people because the people that come in help make more money,” said Mike Nefsin, managing partner at Cleaned.Able.Money.

Nefsin was on the FOX Business Network this week to discuss how his clients are fighting some of the worst real estate scandals in Europe and he had plenty of reasons for why they’re doing it.

“First of all, we’re dealing with these real estate scandals,” said Nefsin. “We’re dealing with what the government is doing to this community and it’s the same way that they’re doing to everyone else. They are pushing families out. They’re evicting families. It’s not just one family. They’re evicting five families out. It’s sweeping neighborhoods. So we have to step up and help these families.”

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