Next big thing in aerospace could be bullet planes

The next big thing for aerospace could be the bullet plane, according to an MIT study.

So called because of a gun-like chamber the plane uses to fit engine and fuel, the bullet planes have long been around in the military.

But now the idea could become a reality. MIT Transportation Center Chairman, Professor G. Robert Potter, worked on the report, which discusses a plan to make the bullet airplane as safe and efficient as commercial jets.

Each bullet plane would have four engines and could seat 50 passengers.

Potter believes all of the bullet planes will fly in the U.S. But they would be a bit smaller, lighter and run on gasoline rather than jet fuel, he says.

How and when will a bullet plane fly?

Potter says we don’t know and it will be a few years until we know more about how the plane would look and how it would fly.

The plan to turn airplane design into a “movement” is part of what MIT is calling the “Full Multi-Modal Collaborative Future Transportation System,” or FMCTS.

The group says that by combining vehicle, urban, rail and travel modes, research may be more efficient and faster than it would be by pursuing one alone.

Mashable reports that future rides could include traveling between Los Angeles and Las Vegas in under four hours and from San Francisco to San Diego in four and a half hours.

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