NFL Players React to Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

In September 2017, former NFL player Brandon Marshall posted on Instagram about a disgusting practice taking place at team facilities, and criticizing a friend of his — a college football player — who participates in it. On Wednesday, the lawsuit was finally over: A jury found the quarterback for Arkansas State University, Kyle Rittenhouse, not guilty of all criminal charges after two women accused him of forcibly kissing and groping them in an elevator. Rittenhouse, according to his lawyer, said nothing at all and was elated by the verdict.

Congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse on his acquittal for groping and kissing two women on campus last summer. A devastating blow to football and the women who play it! — Charlie Munger (@charliemunger) August 30, 2018

I’m shocked and outraged that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted by a jury for sexual battery and forcible rape. The verdict is ludicrous and I’m so outraged. He’s a rapist and a rapist should have no sympathy and should never be given a light sentence. This is worse than the Kansas teacher rape case. — jordan (@JordanUhl) August 30, 2018

🤣 God Is Good🤣 This is proof that no, guilty rape cases are NEVER about gender, instead they are ALWAYS about a person’s fear to be “called out” for their actions and for wanting to be protected against that fear. Double standards AGAIN. And y’all think I’m in awe of what happened yesterday? Seriously?!?! — lauren ✭ (@lauren_apoor) August 30, 2018

Am completely stunned. Clearly, this is not ok. Be aware that we’re encouraged to tolerate the disgusting examples we have seen too often. That is unacceptable and it cannot be accepted as ok. Be angry. WE need to do better as a culture. — Omalu (@omalu) August 30, 2018

This is a sad and sorry state of affairs. Let us have each other’s backs. Help each other. Stop bullying and the silencing that empowers it. We all need to focus on something positive and positive ways to begin. — Alyssa Miller (@alyssaxmiller) August 30, 2018

This is horrendous. Kids need to be taught that it is bad for men to manipulate and touch women without consent. These travesties are happening more and more and these are not the predators. They’re entire systems — minus family, without friends, children and support — that are fueling this cycle, all of which are preventable. — Natalie Stone (@NatStoneWriter) August 30, 2018

When did a woman becoming equal to a man become a crime? Doesn’t Kyle Rittenhouse have a right to not to be touched without permission? This isn’t acceptable. — Claire Fallon (@ClaireEFallon) August 30, 2018

Rittenhouse, you are an accused rapist, but good for you. You proved my point that rapists need no light sentencing, no guilt by association, no celebrity status or sympathy when they are found NOT GUILTY on these despicable allegations. — Jamil Smith (@JamilSmith) August 30, 2018

Michael Bennett, receiver for the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, was also quick to comment.

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