Police: People shot in deadly Toronto shooting that hit youngest victim, 24

Police have identified a 24-year-old man killed Wednesday night when someone fired shots in the Brampton area west of Toronto.

The man, identified by police as Dalton B. Powhida, was found dead at around 7:20 p.m.

His death came amid a spate of violence in Toronto. This summer has been the deadliest in the city since 2003, when a conflict between rival street gangs erupted in gunfire in late June.

One man died and seven others were injured following the chaotic confrontation.

The violence has prompted Toronto Mayor John Tory to recommend the city increase police staffing levels to make sure violent crime doesn’t increase.

“Nobody should be deterred from coming forward in the early stages of dealing with a crime,” Tory said. “But you can’t let bad people dominate the lives of good people.”

“We need to arrest people, we need to prosecute them, we need to keep them in jail. But most importantly, we need to have more police on the street,” he added.

But Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said he doesn’t want police officers to think they’re only focusing on the worst offenders or gangs. The police chief said police officers need to look at the entire criminal landscape.

“The police have to put them all on notice that we’re not just out there to arrest criminals who are on the streets who are doing the worst stuff,” Saunders said. “But you want the core of the community to be safe. You want the kids that are growing up to be safe and to be part of a great community.”

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