Premier League roundup: Arsenal, Manchester City face off at Etihad Stadium

The microcosm of a tense start to the Premier League season continued for Arsenal on Sunday when they were battered 4-1 by Liverpool. The loss saw the Red and Whites fall seven points behind the league leaders, Manchester City, and the Mail Online highlights the highlights from the game and the day’s important results.

Mikel Arteta questioned Jurgen Klopp’s tactics after the Reds’ 4-1 victory at the Emirates Stadium.

“I don’t like their tactics. It’s about how we try to play,” Arteta said after the game. “They played very offensive and tried to run a lot, but Liverpool were not scoring but they still had a lot of possession and were keeping the ball.”

Klopp, however, slammed Arteta’s comments.

“It’s disappointing,” the German said. “There’s no reason to hide behind stuff like that because players are here to win games and the biggest problem for Arsenal is that they don’t win any. They don’t win any football games. They try to deny that and you will never find a good answer from them.”

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