Russian rocket maker beneficiary of Trump’s ‘Buy American’ changes

Many in the Beltway are skeptical of the Trump administration’s loosening of “Buy American” rules for rocket-launching contracts, creating a potentially big space launch market for a Chinese firm: Beijing-linked Xiamen Space Systems (XSS), which counts former Vice President Joe Biden’s family foundation as a major investor.

XSS was listed in a May 2017 Post report as a top beneficiary of Biden’s family foundation, and in late December was part of a “funding consortium” that included Biden’s family foundation and NASA in the bidding for a NASA contract for supplying the U.S. military with satellites and other space launches.

Biden’s foundation, lead by his daughter Ashley, has investments in XSS. One subsidiary of the same conglomerate was, moreover, a new investor in XSS this year that secured $25 million worth of a deal with a Nevada firm to build the XSS space systems factory in California.

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