Sign of the times: See how #Be_Spend is catching on

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Are you up to speed on your history lessons? You could start by taking a look at What they call “an article of faith”, a document that defines the relationship between the Westminster-based Unionist parties and the United Kingdom’s governments. The document, published by the PMA, is their statement of views on the main constitutional issues that would affect the Scottish Parliament, should it devolve some powers to Edinburgh, something that has been proposed by some Labour and Green MSPs in recent years. The document also sets out the parties’ view on the constitutional role of the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Executive as it relates to the devolution settlement. If the plan goes ahead – first of all, the Scottish parliament needs the votes of all its 63 MSPs to take a step towards devolution – this kind of “announcement of intent” document has become necessary. The Tories have gone even further, issuing a “Statement of Principles” in 2016. Such a document is normally kept in the history books, but the Executive, whatever its position on devolution, is preparing for a snap election this month. So, if you have not yet stumbled across it, now’s your chance to get a look at an important document that’s going to be sorely missed by Westminster politicians if they don’t start making it any more.

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