‘SNL’ mocks the story of a man who shot a high school student who trespassed on his property

“Saturday Night Live” takes on the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting:

The red-state perspective: Rittenhouse was found not guilty on Feb. 16 after he shot and killed a young man who’d trespassed on his property.

The ruling provides rare personal validation for gun-rights advocates, who see themselves as under siege from activist communities demanding stricter gun-control laws. In recent months, they’ve seen numerous students of Parkland, Florida, high school shooting victims taken down by weapon-related legislation.

As the “Weekend Update” commentary segments roll out, several times they turn to the suburbs of eastern Washington state to highlight the story’s ramifications.

They note that Rittenhouse was a semiautomatic rifle-toting former Marine, and bring up a feature in the blog Twitchy about Rittenhouse’s military discipline.

They also discuss a letter sent to Rittenhouse by Craig Roberts, the high school student who’d been killed, in which he says he was killed “in an instance of gun violence that should not be the absolute worst thing that happens to any one of us.”

In the wake of the shooting, Rittenhouse claimed that he had to shoot him in self-defense.

The voices on-screen:


Pete Davidson:

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