Spain’s popular ‘sex beach’ now only known as ‘Punta Marian’ after racy year

One of the best beaches in the world is a place of seclusion. Yet its famous white sand is now being re-branded as a symbol of degradation and shame after a 2016 report found the Spanish resort of Menorca had no fewer than 80,000 pornographic photos on social media.

Local resort authorities have reacted by changing the name of the beach — which is home to hundreds of tourists and used by locals — from Punta Menorca to Punta Marian. They have also imposed a curfew on clubbing and other nightlife on the beach in a bid to stamp out scandal.

Reports of nudity, sexual exploitation and a “culture of sexual promiscuity” were found in WhatsApp and Facebook chats. But authorities have also suggested social media may be to blame for forgetting the global reality.

Councillor Santiago Aje told the Mirror: “We will do our best to prevent anything like this ever happening again.”

The complaint about Punta Menorca arose from a six-month inquiry by Menorca’s tourism and environment association, Tecnologia d’Argentales.

The report, written in Spanish, argued the beach had become a “clandestine” place, either being used to photograph others’ bodies or to watch people strip naked.

Tecnologia also cited a steady increase in the number of tourists, coupled with a “low class” climate. “Punta Menorca” was also used to refer to cheap sex between minors, it said.

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