Sudan: Dismissed prime minister reinstated

Image copyright AFP Image caption Al-Bashir said Abdelghani had been removed ‘for exercising her patriotic duty’

Sudan’s military chief has reinstated the country’s ousted prime minister, a government statement has said.

Abdelrahman Mohamed al-Bashir ordered that Anas Abdelghani will be reinstated in government but stressed she will be allowed to conduct her official duties.

Mr Bashir had ordered a change of government after the country’s Constitutional Court overturned the firing of her in December.

The ruling had been made by an assembly chaired by Mr Bashir.

Image copyright AFP Image caption Abdelrahman Mohamed al-Bashir has been president of Sudan since 1989

“The Prime Minister’s post is an elected position and it cannot be taken away by anyone except under exceptional circumstances,” the statement said.

It stressed Mr Bashir’s refusal to dismiss or circumvent constitutional rules.

The joint presidency-cabinet statement said the re-unification “marks the beginning of a new phase in the reforms to promote the interests of the nation”.

Leaders had “agreed that this is the first step to include Mrs Abdulghani in the coalition government,” the statement added.

Fate of Abdelrahman Mohamed al-Bashir

Fate of Abdelrahman Mohamed al-Bashir was first broadcast on satellite TV last month after the Constitutional Court nullified his dismissal.

The court case was highly unusual, especially in a one-party state, and turned on the relationship between the ruling National Congress Party and independent politicians.

Members of the opposition political coalition, the Alliance of Popular Forces and Democratic and Democratic Forces, accused Mr Bashir of acting illegally and promised to oppose the decision.

Mr Bashir reportedly claimed the dismissal was sparked by a feud in the security services, but Mrs Abdelghani denied any such problems and blamed the ruling party for the sacking.

Image copyright AFP Image caption Mr Bashir is also Sudan’s defence minister

Mr Bashir said Mrs Abdelghani had been removed “for exercising her patriotic duty” in her role as minister for planning and coordination, state news agency SUNA reported.

Mr Bashir’s government won credit in the United States for its handling of civil war and violence in Darfur.

But that has not stopped the country’s isolation and observers blame Sudan’s deteriorating economy on years of mismanagement and corruption.

The army and security forces have been accused of perpetrating some of the worst atrocities in Darfur.

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