the biggest shopping trends of 2019 – iBuying / iBuying Podcast

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In this talk, Jeff Hobbs of iBuying joins Vince Vasconcellos from YourMechanic to talk about the hottest and weirdest buying trends of the year. Watch the best trends in home-improvement, kitchen tech, TVs, smartphones, stereos, the latest tech gadgets, smart homes, smart cities, electronic watches, virtual reality – and – wait for it – augmented reality.

Just a thought – most people hear ‘smart homes’ and assume they mean personalized “smart” appliances, but that’s not the case, at least according to Jeff and Vince. (of course, iBuying is a general buyer’s guide that covers just about every kind of tech out there, so if you want smart home technology, you might want to consult a site like e-Homes, ViaHome or BuiltAha).

Whatever, talk about searching for homebuyers sounds simple enough! But have you ever thought about if iBuying is here to stay? My feeling on this is that Ibuying is an incredible resource and has a very good chance of becoming the #1 place for smart home-buying tech. There’s nothing quite like the team’s extensive source of information and that kind of follow on coverage. (be sure to check out the guys’ big Book Club podcast from last month, They Have Good Taste.)

By the way, iBuying is offering free funding to up to 60 new startups looking to build a smart home, built on the iBuying platform and solving real problems. The initiative kicks off with Building a Smartphone, in March and the next round is building a smart home around the video game character Mario. You can find more information here.

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