The Italian soap opera star who’s now opening her stunning house to the public

Television Italian beauty and serial Italian soap opera star Maria Elena Turin has opened her famous home in Tuscany to the public as part of a country-wide project to promote tourism in the shadow of the Italian capital. Titled (drum roll please) “Maria Elena Turin Umbria Golf,” the project is the brainchild of Italy’s team of five “star ambassadors”. In a public lecture in Altrincham earlier this week, Turin, at age 50, and wearing a blush colored, shoulderless lace gown, displayed her valuable Italian connections and revealed that she does indeed love a good round of golf, telling the shocked audience that every day is golf day.

“I’m a keen golfer,” she said. “I play almost every day because I love the game. I live very close to the club (of the Italian Golf Federation) in the town of Pietra la Mer, in the Umbria region of Italy.”

She went on to explain that the reason for her backing for this project is that she understands “the spirit of youth, the spirit of unity, the spirit of spirit” in the region where she lives.

The film stars “Gunnini” and TV appearance appearances (there are not many for this Giulianese stunner, in fact) Giffoni’s star looks at local beauty and tells why she opened her Altrincham living room to the public — ‘Caught Live’ (@CaughtLIVE) November 16, 2018

Growing up in Altrincham, in Cheshire, Turin spoke of how she fell in love with Italy’s central character: “la Veronimina”, as “Alcina” is known. Turin studied acting at the Taviani Theatre School in Rome before appearing in the production Sita, a remake of Carlo Roma’s Sita in the Desert (1995). A native of South-East Queensland, Australia, Turin came to Italy when she was 15. She married Vincenzo Turin (66) in 1994, before moving to Italy where she later got engaged to Gianni Russo, whom she divorced in 2005. “I did manage to find love,” she told the delighted audience, adding that she was proud to be part of the Umbria Golf project.

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