Time’s Up staff let go after Cuomo harassment scandal

“Time’s Up was established as a lasting movement to uphold gender equality. Time’s Up takes sexual harassment and assault seriously and has zero tolerance for it,” said Rachel Mozes Mayer, Time’s Up senior vice president for communications, in a statement. “We decided to terminate the employment of the staff we were informed of late yesterday evening, in the aftermath of ongoing concerns raised during the course of this investigation.” Time’s Up founder, Rashida Jones, announced the decision in a tweet, writing, “Goodbye to all the brave women I’ve stood with in this fight. Thank you to all the people who’ve believed in me. Thank you to my Time’s Up colleagues and board for continuing to care for me in this time of need. I love this organization and will fight for it until the end.”

Statement from #TIMESUP spokesperson on the staff of Time’s Up being fired: pic.twitter.com/vIqIGcwXEm — Mashable News (@MashableNews) March 2, 2018

Time’s Up staff have until Saturday to appeal.

The staff of Time’s Up, a professional non-profit group, were on sick leave last week after the news broke that Time’s Up co-chair, Lisa Borders, reportedly had a sexual relationship with Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York and New York attorney general. Cuomo admitted to the relationship. Ms. Borders told people she sent an invitation to Cuomo to join her at a benefit, which he declined. Cuomo’s office denied any physical relationship.

According to “Page Six,” four staffers were let go in the wake of the news. According to The New York Times, an additional four staffers met with the organization’s leaders, including Ms. Mozes Mayer, early this week and were fired for lack of “accountability” on the part of Ms. Borders and Mr. Cuomo, who is married.

According to another Times’ report, complaints about Ms. Borders and Mr. Cuomo’s behavior first came up at a staff meeting three months ago, but by the time they made staff aware, it was too late. The Times reports that one unnamed staffer met with the group’s leaders and said: “The atmosphere there was toxic. Women were treated like unwanted baggage and were harassed on a daily basis. Every single woman that I’ve talked to is embarrassed.” Ms. Borders was removed from her post as Time’s Up co-chair after the scandal.

Ms. Borders, a former entertainment law partner at Townsend Murphy, told the Times that she regretted her decision to invite Mr. Cuomo to the event.

Said Ms. Borders in an email: “We met briefly on June 22, 2017 and had dinner the next day, but I did not know he was married when we had dinner, and the impression I got during that evening was that he was looking for companionship outside his marriage.”

However, Ms. Borders denied allegations that she created an environment that was sexually inappropriate or discriminatory.

Time’s Up has not released its own statement about the dismissals.

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