Unbulk your life at Walmart

Written by By Dan Cammack, Special to CNN

With frequent trips to Walmart and every day a new location, I frequently set out to bring the things I enjoy into the stores. Laptop bags with neoprene straps and microfiber liners are among my favorites. Their duster-thin materials are breathable and compressible in place and while shoppers may only carry them through the store for a short period of time, I enjoy loading the bags with clothes that help distract me from my parking ticket and food for the movie night.

Having had a bag for so long (no kidding — I go back to these three bags over and over again), I was disappointed to find the requisite selection of diaper bags.

To be fair, I was expecting these types of carry-on size bags with trendy patterns but despite continuing to search on a per-minute basis for my favorite diaper bag I was disappointed with the selection. All of the bags I looked through had exactly the same size, dimensions and price points.



Best Buy

This lack of variety stood out to me as Walmart promised a better selection. These are exactly the types of bags I’d expect to find on a trip to Amazon or Best Buy. This didn’t seem like a fair competition for Walmart.

However, on my next trip I found what I felt was a superior selection.

The heavy-duty Brawny® bags are made to be rolled into the trolley wheel, allowing them to do double duty as regular bags. The design is an obvious nod to the other large brands that Walmart sells but the bulk felt nice on my arms. I was surprised at how much more I liked the soft polyester “Super Duffel” for storing shoes and winter sweaters and the 710 fuschia fabric “Action” bag was great for hiding bits of dead skin.

The Kate Spade bag I tried made a swell tote for long trips and the BabyJacket bag has a resilient, waterproof exterior yet is still light for carrying around the neighborhood.

The choices ranged from affordable (The Hobo®tote is $13.40) to $54.94 for a plush $299.49 all the way up to the Kate Spade military fleece canvas backpacks with their bright pink lining and printed interior.

All of the bags are available at Walmart.

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