Winter, the dolphin from Disney’s Dolphin Tale, dies at 17

Image copyright Alamy Image caption Winter was filmed against dolphins’ advice in the Disney movie Dolphin Tale

Winter, the dolphin in the Disney film Dolphin Tale, has died at a marine aquarium.

The 15-year-old dolphin died from injuries suffered in a fall and internal bleeding on Sunday, according to the Tampa Bay Aquarium.

Winter was initially spotted floating in the water near the Dolphin Quest tank.

The Hollywood film was based on the true story of Winter, a dolphin that was treated for injuries suffered after falling into a tank full of other dolphins.

‘Life’s greatest gift’

The film starred Harry Connick Jr, Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman.

“Winter was a wonderfully spirited, unforgettable animal who meant so much to our care team and so much to us at the aquarium,” Stephen Brady, CEO of the Tampa Bay Aquarium, said in a statement.

Image copyright Disney Image caption Winter was seen swimming in and out of the water with trainer Alex at the launch of the movie

Winter, who was filmed against dolphins’ advice in the Disney movie, had been receiving round-the-clock care.

An autopsy was performed on her body on Monday, but the results are not yet known.

Winter was also the subject of a memoir, The Dolphin Tale Diaries: Life’s Greatest Gift, written by Winter’s trainer.

Image copyright GFS / Andrew McGinty Image caption Winter fell into the tank in a swimming pool, causing her severe injuries

Winter stayed at the dolphin dive pool at the Tampa aquarium in Florida following the end of her rehabilitation.

Dolphin Tale was originally a short film directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite and was released in 2009.

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