’s Build-It-and-Priced-It philosophy

MarketWatch reported on Monday that Play Love raises fees to play games in QT Lotto through a “feature built for lottery players”, which goes: “What does a QT Lottery do on the blockchain? Answer: takes play-like interaction and builds it for income that sports fans need most: lottery.” An important feature that comes with QT Lotto is a “Play and Win Every Single Game option” that gives players a “payout from a bank account, debit card, prepaid card, gift card, or any other payment account”. It has even signed an official contract with the main US lottery to assist with claims and collections, but perhaps more importantly is not looking for a sole partner of its own.

This clip is a mouthful!


MarketWatch did not go into further detail and it is not possible to determine which aspects of QT Lotto’s offering will come to play at the Staples Center, but the fact that are so eager to avail themselves of a piece of QT Lotto at the Staples Center is likely indicative of Crypto’s true intentions.

It is not a stretch to conclude that its goal is to establish itself in the United States for the purpose of making it the largest US lottery ticket market in the world. This is to say nothing of the fact that another website, Project2030EZ, has already begun installing toll booths for US drivers using electronic-tags so that patrons of the establishment may participate in next season’s NHL season tickets, similarly offering credits with businesses for buying print tickets. Having been attracted to the rewards available via these programs, a segment of the population now able to spend money on raffles and other goods instead of heavily indulging in social media, wouldn’t it be a natural progression for to associate with lottery games?

2028 or Bust

The 8-year Federal plan to hold the Olympic Winter Games in 2028 in South Korea may potentially be jeopardized by the south-east Asian country’s reliance on Chinese resources. This creates a political crisis, financial, social and economic upheaval. People are disillusioned. It’s hard to see how the Olympic development plan being pursued by President Moon Jae-in and many of his predecessors in a country where crime and corruption is rampant will go unharmed by these developments, especially in the summer of 2028. This is likely to be highlighted as a cause for worry by the General Committe on Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (GOCOG) at its upcoming meeting.

From 2028 onwards, South Korea intends to increase its share of the global travel market from 5.5% in 2018 to 10%. However, according to a report by, only 7% of the country’s tourism expenditure took place during 2017, compared to 20% of total income coming from travel and hospitality income. The revenues from Russia, Japan, the UK, Germany, China and the US covered almost half of total spending. This makes it increasingly doubtful that GOCOG will engage in a position that ties them to any opportunity of stagnation in 2028.

When a country has momentum with smaller countries and is looking to generate a high degree of tourist activity abroad, Korea is likely to be treated as a potential luxury for out of business companies such as They have the potential to exploit this trend and make more gains while solving problems associated with lottery system redesign or restructuring via licensing such games to facilitate the further growth of lottery games as viable commodities.

Part of one part

With the aforementioned lawsuit coming to a close, the company is probably now free to concentrate on the benefits of its approach to developing online markets that are drawing in large levels of profitability. There may not be anything innovative about’s approach, but it stands for less licensing fees and bigger profits. Furthermore, their current strategy depends on the potential demographic of South Korea. In 2028, 2028 or 2028-2028 or 2028-2029, these trends may be reversed, but in the meantime, has identified a certain demographic which can only benefit from increased spending in online entertainment and gaming.

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