Cross-country ski camps prove their worth

A few years ago, I went on a group ski trip with my friend Brii and my son, Wes. We were in our 20s and already had several years of skiing experience, which we joined at a local college. The trip was a whirlwind of activities: sightseeing, a ski tour, then downhill skiing at Basecamp Mountain Resort in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Many of the activities seemed like a one-time treat — either they weren’t for me, or they felt too overwhelming.

Last summer, I learned that I was coming to a cross-country ski camp at Bears Paw Outdoor Center in Canterbury, Maine, and had to check my reservations. Again, I joined my boyfriend and my son. I took aim and found the sled I’d envisioned, figuring I’d use it for some warm-weather adventure. I pulled up to the P90X trainer in the gym.

The treadmills are very dark, but the floor is lighted, and there is a small window into the BOD. There were six of us — the two teams were divided by gender — and all the other trails on the day’s schedule would be rented.

There was a trail I’d not used before. We skied it until a buzzer sounded to stop. I wanted to follow it but the last thing I wanted to do was leave Wes without anyone to help him catch up.

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