DNA Test on ‘Sitka the Great’ Reveals Results; Dakota Ranching Roots Revealed

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The great-grandson of the famed bull named Sitka the Great is listed as a person of interest after a DNA test revealed he shares a remarkable genetic marker with the subject.

Former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was so overcome by excitement when she heard about the finding she couldn’t stop weeping.

“It’s such a thrill. A wonderful outcome,” Sebelius told MSNBC. “When I saw that profile, I started in tears, I am so honored,”

After spending months trying to track down Sitka the Great’s descendants, Sebelius and her organization, the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association, were relieved when matching tests revealed that they were actually his great-grandson.

“Genetic testing has given us information we never dreamed of getting. The science is real. We just have to keep doing it,” Sebelius said.

The test actually proves that Sitka the Great was part of the Gregory family who lived in Nebraska in the early 1800s.

Sebelius’s wife, Roxanne, started the company to help find Sitka’s descendants after completing her master’s degree at Northwestern University.

“Roxanne made a promise to her mother that one day they would have that DNA test. We’re thrilled we’re going to get to test it,” Sebelius said.

Officials are trying to match all the blood samples to check if Sitka is the family. If so, they hope to open up a dialogue with his descendants and allow the community of Derby, Neb., to keep their namesake.

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