‘Ew, y’all’: African American actress calls on white Americans to quit comparing herself to black people

US Representative Ilhan Omar, who faces impeachment for her comments to House appropriators, has spoken out against a slew of ‘antifa’ protests as she highlighted a clip praising a black actress on YouTube that depicted the experience of being part of an all-white jury.

The Minnesota Democrat’s office confirmed on Twitter Thursday evening that Omar posted an image of the clip from April 2011 on her Twitter page. Ruffin, then a co-star of Girlfriends, was presented by her fellow cast member Kenya Barris as the one role who could break the all-white slate that had formed for the mid-1990s film Thurgood, which became the first film directed by and featuring an all-black cast. Ruffin has previously spoken out about being doubted on her sexual identity.

“Ew, y’all,” Omar tweeted Thursday night in response to the clip. “When you accuse a gay person of sexual identity identity…not once do you ever wonder if he was engaging in lip-locking with his boyfriend and didn’t know it was the actress who was portraying a black woman.”

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