F1: Monaco Grand Prix to run three days in 2022

F1 are expected to make an announcement on Saturday

Monaco Grand Prix will go to a three-day schedule in 2022, says FIA president Jean Todt.

At the moment, F1 races run three times, on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“The sporting agenda is growing and there are two days now in which we want to compete with tennis and the Olympics,” said Todt.

Todt added that he hoped a new event in India would help “liven up the calendar”.

The former Ferrari boss said that “both fans and the drivers” had shown they wanted a “different form of entertainment” in a bid to open up a wider market for F1, especially in India.

At present, the first race of the Indian GP season is held on 26 March, while F1 races from other countries start on weekends in October.

The next Indian GP – on 29 October – will be the 53rd in F1 history and the first of two in 2019, with another on 18 October.

However, while F1 is expected to make an announcement on Saturday, the FIA could have changed the decision at its annual congress in Sao Paulo.

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