Formula One to slash 2017-2022 race lineup by 20% in bid to avoid ‘fun race’ status


Monaco will hold just three days of motor racing in 2022, according to the president of Formula One, Chase Carey. Carey, a billionaire businessman who took over as the company’s chief executive two years ago, told the Daily Mail that competition was too intense for such a short calendar.

“I’m hoping to find a solution to Monaco,” Carey said. “This is not what people are signing up for. It’s not a fun race at the moment.”

The Monaco Grand Prix will run on race weekends in July and July 2022, barring any potential extension to the current contract, but the line-up for other circuits will not be announced until mid-December, in the hope that teams can decide on their own strategy.

The number of races for 2022 will be reduced from 23 to 20, but if one track is announced in December, it could be one of three: Abu Dhabi, Belgium and Mexico. The proposed races will be run in mid-August, followed by the later season events, which would “lift the pressure” off the later European races, Carey said.

The increased length would allow other tracks to be added on their current weekends.

“It’s also helpful to not have so many races and so many days, because that’s increasing the cost of the sport for the teams and the teams’ budgets,” Carey said. “And it’s less for the broadcast audience. As an audience we’re seeing the thirst for [more sport on] TV.”

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