Have you noticed Metro Vancouver gets a lot wet? Why it may keep raining

By Chief Meteorologist Andrew Harris

In a province where mild winters give way to a summer filled with rain and wild weather, the water in Metro Vancouver is soaring. But there is concern the rain is here to stay.

The Port Moody, North Shore, North Vancouver and Abbotsford areas have flooded, and other areas are feeling the effects of flood waters after the rain, while over to the east Port Alberni residents are concerned that the Trough system flooding could overwhelm a nearby dam.

The Toronto Star has published an article which documents the ways in which the Metro Vancouver area could be affected by climate change and flooding, so take a look:

Vancouver is grappling with an infrastructure upgrade plan that will increase flood protection while also increasing building density. The city, along with surrounding municipalities, and industry have adopted a flood risk mitigation strategy that they hope will help keep back water.

The plan is for significant investments over the next several years, with a focus on bolstering flood protection from rising sea levels and higher rainfall amounts from Climate Change events.

While the flood risk in Metro Vancouver is expected to rise significantly, flooding is not a Metro Vancouver issue alone, it’s an issue for the country as a whole. Water levels are rising, rainfall is expected to increase, and we need to take steps now to make sure we can withstand the effects of the changes.

How to prepare:

– Homes and buildings in flood prone areas can be built with higher construction standards and better design.

– Landscaping to minimize the chances of flooding can be made more resilient.

– Schemes for dealing with rising water, including levees, can be taken into account to protect against events.

– Elevation maps can be used to anticipate potential changes, and are updated regularly.

– You can help the city if your home is in a flood risk area by registering to receive updates and being on the alert with city and regional officials.

– Find out if your home is within a flood plain, and whether an assessment has been completed.

Vancouver prepares to experience floods

— Joel West

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