‘House Husbands’ star asked to kiss Margo Martindale

Ben Silverman, Executive Vice President of Warner Horizon Scripted Television, sent out a call to producers on Thursday night: “He never said he was going to work with us. We asked, we asked, we asked…he wanted to do our series with us.”

Adam Devine, writer and actor who stars in the NBC comedy, currently in its third season, replied, “We offered him our show when he came by, during his visit with us.”

Logan Miller, who plays Margo in the show’s third season, added, “I sent him a script, and I emailed a picture of our love nest in Miami. We should work together.”

Margo, who’s now 11, appeared with her two brothers, Stevie and Jack, on last night’s episode of My Name Is Earl. The episode centered around an elderly woman who ate her vegetables and then snuck into her wheelchair and pilfered all her food. The family found her eating ice cream. Margo sent out an email requesting food for the night and claimed to be her grandmother. She began to eat apples and celery, fried shrimp, french fries and steak.

“Isn’t that weird?” the actor said. “The movie said to just keep eating until you can’t eat anymore and this started to happen. Now, I don’t think she did it on purpose, but it makes me wonder.”

Miller added, “It’s kind of creepy.”

Three minutes into the episode, the mother, Maude, had locked the room and locked the door so the boys wouldn’t enter. They were struck by the familiarity and the consistency of her tone and body language.

“She said, ‘You’re all really a neat family. What do you want from me?’”

“The ‘you’ is ‘you,’” he added. “In the movie, the ‘you’ was similar but not so close and in reality, this was quite a distant ‘you.’”

Margo did not walk away without food after she started eating, refusing to admit that she had eaten.

“She asked, ‘Where did you get this dish? I’ve been waiting for you to give me something.’ When she asked me again, I said, ‘I have something for you. Please eat this.’ When she’s sitting there eating dessert, I start giving her ice cream.

“It’s really weird,” he added. “I think I could learn so much from her. I love children, but having a child is a very different beast from having a dog…the thought of having a child inspires a whole different thing.”

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