International Volunteer Day, Day 10 – The World’s Prettiest World Series


The day after International Volunteer Day, calls came in to the International Quizmasters Association. The Quizmasters were gearing up for its annual competition that would kick off next Tuesday. It takes place on the way up to Christmas and through the holiday season. Questions are answered via fax at the Iqma offices in Nigeria.

First, they had to answer them today.

“At this time of year, as children, we really need to encourage our parents to get engaged in volunteer work,” said Michael Ogogoro, chairman of the International Quizmasters Association. “There are so many things that every parent and every child will benefit from.”

Today, he said, they were excited to answer questions about Volunteer Week and International Volunteer Day in the U.S.

And then they had to cut all of the wires and photocopy letters for the $5,000 they had to win on Tuesday, the last day of the competition. And they had to answer other questions about volunteer work, like, “What ‘cause’ do you volunteer?” and “Why is it important to give your time to volunteer?”

“If you think about it,” Ogogoro said, “there are so many people that will benefit in some way from volunteering in their home communities.”

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