Judge Mailer & Project Veritas Founder With James O’Keefe

Comellia Williams, the host of Judge Mailer on SiriusXM Progress, sat down with the Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe, and provided some examples of the New York Times’ questionable journalism practices.

Judge Mailer asked O’Keefe about why he didn’t expose the paper’s misdeeds before now, why he stopped the Project Veritas investigation of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and why he quit Planned Parenthood with regard to fraudulent abortion procedures.


Below are excerpts from the interview with O’Keefe:

Judge Mailer: But, if I am correct, you have gotten nowhere in terms of investigations into the New York Times because — and maybe, speaking about people with better resources than yours. In my estimation, the New York Times would lose the argument because they are so intertwined with state and local politicians that they would be in the position of essentially being able to look at law enforcement in New York and determine who’s bad and who’s good and they don’t report that. What are your arguments to people who think that this is a good practice?

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