Kart racer arrested for elbowing opponent in the face

Written by Staff Writer

The driver of a junior Karting Supercycle has been arrested on suspicion of elbowing a competitor in the face during a race in Switzerland.

The incident, which took place during a round of the 2013 Speed Combine in Lake Constance, resulted in Davide Pigott being banned from all upcoming races until April.

A statement on the Speed Combine website said the 23-year-old from Italy was taken into custody Tuesday and was released later in the day.

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“I apologize to all the fans, the association of fans and the sponsors of speed combine,” Pigott told Speed Combine after the incident.

“When I ran into this other driver, who, God knows, was the one who started the brawl with the boys and when we both hit the bump, it is difficult to fathom that I acted like this,” he added.

Video footage on the Speed Combine website shows the incident, with Barstonsburg, Ontario-based racer Matt Dunkle leading after the first lap, when Pigott tried to pass the British driver on the brakes.

Pigott then strays behind the British sportsman, knocking him off his bike, which is left damaged.

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