Kid Rock talks in GOP-influenced interview about new song and election

KATE GLASER, CNN Political Reporter | CNN Chief Anchor Jake Tapper spoke with entertainer Kid Rock about the new song “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” that got his name dragged through the mud by liberals and others due to its raunchy lyrics.

Some lyrics, in this version, don’t appear on the original track. “Different show, on my other show with cornrows / Different that we watch, on a smaller screen / Different that people ate or tasted when our nation was in greatness / Different that the real heroes of any of our countries is still on leave” takes a dig at Iowans, for example.

“I don’t make a big deal out of it and I don’t live life like somebody who is too busy to enjoy this, you know, magical time that we’re in,” Kid Rock says. “But like I said, if people would enjoy it, I’d be much more concerned about that.”

After telling the story of interviewing a child about the song’s intentions, Tapper said to Kid Rock, “Your response is that you are a classic conservative.” Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, said, “Oh, yeah. I am. I’m a straight conservative and all that.”

Throughout the discussion, both Jon Ralston and Jeanne Sahadi commented on the controversy over the song and said that they had no idea any recording of the song exists. “We really had no idea the song was on iTunes,” Ralston told Tapper.

But Tapper pointed out that there are only two records that appear on iTunes labeled “Don’t Tell Me How to Live.”

Kid Rock said he hadn’t paid attention to the attention the song is getting, but took his lumps. “I have a problem with the criticism, because not everybody sees it as I do. I have family that have gone through military service and, you know, love the country and would not — they would disagree with that.”

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