LGBTQ author @biblewithjon on raising children Catholic, and resisting temptation

The author tackles the challenges facing a Catholic family, and faith itself

Sisters! Sisters, you should throw out your CD players and computer games and read this – it’s a challenging yet refreshingly easy read by one of America’s most decorated Catholic priests, Father John Ross.

Ross’s latest book, One Chaste Marriage, Four Kids, and the Catholic Church has the following theme:

Rise above the “flawed” personliness of contemporary life

Develop an independent identity

Find happiness

Reject temptation

Ross talks about his own experience growing up in the segregated South, the ironies of being black in a white Catholic high school – and sharing Mass with a mentor who came out at his confirmation in 1972. In the early 1980s, when he was pastor of St. Thomas More High School in Long Beach, Illinois, he was assigned to the working class neighborhood around Termino Avenue in the city’s Longwood neighborhood. The priest there had just come out as gay. The “last thing” the Catholic Church told the minister was that he would not be tolerated, Ross writes.

So Ross confronted the tough challenges that are a part of life in the Catholic Church. He was able to live a wonderful Catholic life but still struggled to stay true to himself and to have a fulfilling and cathartic relationship with God. How do you be a good Catholic and a good priest?

The author turns to Scripture and the church’s traditions for guidance. He also turns to his own natural gifts for storytelling to show how those traditions worked for him.

Ross’ writing shines in this refreshingly uplifting book. It will make you curious about yourself and your faith, then set you free from the shackles of irresponsibility and self-deception.

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