New York’s East River — and what you can see there

Written by By J. A., CNN

Nissin Food Printing has been enlisted to replace the error-prone button in the London Underground’s Circle Line subway — but commuters might want to think twice before parting with their coins.

CNN’s Carl Quintanilla takes an inside look at Korea’s subway and the country’s plans to modernize the service.

If someone is driving the train in a car with a tank in the back, their first impression of Seoul isn’t going to be… fun.

California is looking for a new state motto. Should the Golden State borrow its previous slogan?

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour looks at the political turmoil in the island nation of Singapore.

The global food industry has been devastated by a once-in-a-century rise in superbugs . From U.S. hog farmers to Japanese food workers, millions of people worldwide have been left at risk. CNN’s Jane Wells delves into the latest threat to animal health.

The “ale of the gods” — Cabernet Sauvignon — isn’t just for Italian wine connoisseurs. France’s prestigious vineyards have struggled to find strong replacements. CNN’s Charles Duhigg takes an in-depth look at the region’s wine industry.

Leaders of leading tech companies are meeting in Singapore. Many of them are also leaders in the clean energy industry, like Elon Musk , the entrepreneur behind Tesla

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