Vaccine-refusing parents meet anti-vaxxers in ‘Vaccination Rally’

Written by Missy Ryan, CNN

It’s not the first time Toronto, Canada has stepped up anti-vaxxer efforts. In 2014, the city adopted a moratorium on the de-baccloping of all new vaccinations for school-aged children.

Though the moratorium was originally meant to last one year, its duration has been extended to two — until Jan. 1, 2020. But Toronto city councilors have now banned city employees from having any contact with parents who claim their children refuse vaccines.

Facing criticism for a perceived lack of transparency, the city councilors voted to extend the moratorium for the second time last week.

While Toronto has come under fire in the past for its anti-vaxxer stance, some residents are pushing for more.

Despite the health warning posters slapped on the door at the Toronto Children’s Museum, some of the Canadian city’s children are still not being immunized.

On Sept. 17, Ryan’s Infant Vaccination Awareness Group held a “vaccination rally” to counter the latest anti-vaxxer propaganda.

In one of the event’s Facebook posts, an organiser explained that the rally was an attempt to “shine a spotlight on what you can do to reach out and support the families who are currently in a vaccine-resistance mindset and how those families can reconnect and strengthen their families.”

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