Watch this teen F1 driver go around the track in the bike helmet

Written by By Sara Rosson, CNN

Three years ago, Max Verstappen seemed to be destined for F1 stardom. His speed, skill and hectic demeanor, combined with autograph hunting fans during his first days of testing in F1, had made him a major media star. And he was only 19.

Now, however, as a 20-year-old locked in a tough fight with five-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, at the top of the table of F1 drivers — the rankings below the big names — it would be a mistake to bemoan the greatness of the Dutchman.

Instead, we should be celebrating the upside of that early success, going back and unearthing how he came to be the way he is — an inveterate megafan who’s got over 1.5 million Instagram followers who love nothing more than watching him ice-skate and ride a bike on the open road, much to the amusement of fans who couldn’t care less about sport.

Now that’s passion, isn’t it?

Sara Rosson of The New Yorker

And he’s better at it than many people who have entertained us on TV.

We caught up with Verstappen in Russia for a feature piece on August 19 in The New Yorker.

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