Wisconsin Muslims to march in support of beheaded imam

Image copyright EPA Image caption The Jackson unit was assaulted by members of Rittenhouse

A theatre company in northern Wisconsin is set to march through their community on Saturday in support of an imam who was beaten with rocks and a machete, despite being handcuffed and in plain clothes.

A 22-year-old had already been convicted of attempted murder for the attack last year, but he was released last month.

Nawar Imaad, head of the Jordan Centre for Dialogue in Racine, will not attend the march.

Police can use peaceful means of protest or they can use deadly force if they believe their lives are threatened.

Image copyright Al Jazeera Image caption Members of Jackson Community Theatre in northern Wisconsin will march in support of the imam

The march will also serve as a tribute to 45-year-old Irshad Mohammed, a religious teacher who has been teaching at the Jordan Centre for Dialogue since 2009. He was struck repeatedly with a machete.

The group plans to play Tahrir Square, Cairo’s central square.

Last year the office of Emanuel Samson was hit by a wave of rocks, but the karate fighter was not hurt.

The violence occurred as Mr Samuel and two other men tried to stop the robbery of a store while wearing light clothing that revealed their faces.

Blindfolded and handcuffed, the men tried to stop the men, who were between 20 and 30, from leaving a total of 11 stores. When police arrived, the men began attacking Mr Samuel.

The perpetrators who are now awaiting sentencing in the cases of Mr Samuel and Mr Islam were among several young men with tattoos and glasses who are now part of the FBI’s most wanted list for violent crimes against Muslims.

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